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Adam has been working with computers since disks were floppy and data was on tapes. In college, he started his first company, 1Dawg, in the back of a garage. This company was the first to accomplish sending video content to cell phones.


Old CRT Monitor

Tech-savant and sometimes-irreverent internet prodigy, Adam bears many claims to fame. If you’ve ever used your cellphone to put video on the internet, Adam is the one to thank… 

While in the running to become the platform for Facebook video, 1Dawg worked with the DMCA to facilitate legal video sharing. 1Dawg’s website grew to receive 20 million hits per month across the world. But after multiple buyout offers, Adam realized that his vision for the company was more important …

In addition to his other ventures, Adam founded Lifted Logic, a place for misfit internet lovers to create damn cool websites. Lifted Logic is a culmination of all the skills Adam has acquired over the years: web design, development, SEO, photography, videography, and business consulting.


Today, Lifted Logic is celebrating over 15 years in business, with thousands of websites launched, millions of users served, and billions of transactions made.

As President and Creative Director, Adam helps hundreds of businesses each year to understand their value and create a meaningful, profitable digital experience.


Adam has also been interviewed as a web 2.0 expert by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine,, and has spoken about his serial entrepreneurship at universities around the country.

Widely considered an expert in his field, his fingerprints are everywhere, from major news publications to major legislation. You can even watch his very own TED talk—just don’t tell him to watch his mouth.

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Mentor of the Year

University of Missouri KC Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation MBA Program, 2019

25 Under 25 Award

Thinking Bigger Business award for Best 25 Companies in Kansas City with Under 25 Employees, 2015

20+ Gold & Silver Medals

W3 Awards, 2015 - 2022

Top 10 Philanthropist of Kansas City

Donating millions of dollars to local nonprofits annually, 2007 - Present

CAPS Internship Program

Founder of high school internship program via CAPS Blue Valley High School for web design & marketing, 2021

Person of the Year

Johnson County Developmental Services, 2017

The infamous TED Talk




The first thing Adam wants you to know about finding a marketing consultant in Kansas City is that getting help for marketing should go a lot further than just googling “marketing consultant near me.”

See, marketing is a funny thing. A lot of the time, marketing agencies and “consultants” are doing their absolute best to simply tell your story. But that’s just the start.

The problem is that designing a marketing strategy can get emotional fast. You (a business owner, marketing manager, etc.) likely spend a lot of your time thinking, planning, and executing your marketing. The problem is that most people don’t even spend half that amount of time actually measuring and pivoting to keep improving.

Marketing consultants can help you get out of your head. That means making sure you know that just because “it’s what’s done” doesn’t mean it’s right for you. But usually, it’s at the cost of whatever “marketing plan” that consultant is ultimately trying to sell you.

Adam’s approach has always been to de-emotionalize business decisions; he has always understood both the inherent and monetary value of an effective digital experience—and the psychology that moves people to make purchasing decisions. It’s largely why he hit $100 million before he was 30.

Basically, Adam gets his jollies from being a lifelong learner and developing relationships with people who are different from him. From medical aesthetics to firearms dealers and everything in the vast in-between, Adam eats up all the resources and references you could ever think of to give a marketing consultant and beyond. Think of him kind of like a Twilight-Zone-era robot. Input: your business information and long-term goals. Output: the roadmap to get there.

When Adam starts working with a new marketing or business consulting client, he wants to learn more than your brand story (although that’s not unimportant!). He wants a deep dive into your financial structure, competitors, weaknesses, and internal politics—all the things that make your business move, tick, stall, and flop. Adam’s passion is taking all this information (no matter how much of a hot mess) and turning it into an actionable plan.

By using an extremely conservative financial approach to digital marketing, Adam makes sure that your ROI is not only measurable, but it’s (gasp) actually profitable!!

So if you’re searching for any old marketing consultant to tell you to spend all your money on marketing but don’t feel like holding them accountable for those strategies, you’re probably in the wrong place.

However, if you’re looking for a Kansas City marketing consultant who will be honest—and we mean brutally honest—with you to help you achieve your goals of improving your revenue, profit margins, and internal operations, then Adam’s your dude.

And if you couldn’t tell, the last thing Adam wants is to be “all work and no play.” Don’t get us wrong, he loves talking shop, but he also loves tequila, dogs, skiing, #TankTopTuesdays, chemistry, gardening, SEO, Elon Musk, hating Gary Vee, the Chiefs, math, coffee, and basically anything else you can think of that would make you say “What a character!” (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

In short, a relationship with a marketing consultant is not quite the same as a relationship with Adam Fichman. We can’t guarantee you won’t laugh, cry, yell, or cheer. But we can guarantee that it will be an experience you—and your colleagues—will never forget.

Adam has helped companies make big decisions that equal big revenue. Are you next?